• delayed again


    SCHQ has relocated itself with its recording room. The new place has got a slightly bigger room and better (a lot) gears and a darker atmosphere. And it's growing and growing. At this moment SCHQ has no mood to release new old stock albums. It's enjoying the moments and memories itself. Though new recordings are being made here and you'll see to more releases coming later this year. So much for this excuse of the delayed albums promised earlier... and please help SCHQ kill its procrastination!

  • Write to us for more download links (indicate which one you want) or report dead ones.

    Leave a message here or mail us: sc-hq@hotmail.com


    因平日繁忙,从2012年8月起,所有订购都只在周末包装/邮寄, 因故来不及在周日发出的顺延至下周末,敬请谅解!

    Now Available:

    ËDÏËH "in case the winds blow" 2012 new!

    Borkr "Amber" 2012

    ËDÏËH "To Withdraw..." 2011

    ËDÏËH "...And Withstand" 2011

    Hvstmod "Starvine" reissue 2011

    In the Future:

    Hvstmod "Карелия" (ritual ambient/experimental)


     Sold out:

    Die Ernsthaftigkeit der Toten s/t reissue 2011

    Sparrow Index 2 "Things that fear Oblivion Most" reissue 2011

    ËDÏËH "A window ajar, eye of god watching afar" remaster 2010/softpaper reprint halloween 2011

    Hvstmod "Eorðfæst" reissue 2011

    ËDÏËH "Spring Songs" reissue 2011

    ËDÏËH "A window ajar, eye of god watching afar" remaster halloween 2010 ed. 

    SPARROW INDEX "Autumn Improvisation" jewel case

     Die Ernsthaftigkeit der Toten - "Die Ernsthaftigkeit der Toten" TAPE 2nd edition


    ËDÏËH "Spring Songs" 2010 cardboard 18RMB

    SPARROW INDEX "Things that fear oblivion most"  2nd edition (grey cover)

    Hvstmod "Starvine" 2010 CDr

    ËDÏËH "A window ajar, eye of god watching afar" 2009

    ËDÏËH "Vortex of Majesty" full length CDR

    Sparrow Index "Autumn Improvisation" CDr (CARDBOARD)

    SPARROW INDEX "Things that fear oblivion most"  green edition (1st edition)

    ËDÏËH "Hazel Eyes of Quags" ep box 2nd edition

    ËDÏËH "Vortex of Majesty" full length tape

    ËDÏËH "Hazel Eyes of Quags" ep box 1st edition

    ËDÏËH "A chase in the night" Ltd CDr

    ËDÏËH "A chase in the night" Cassette Re-release

    ËDÏËH EP 2008 (Branch-wielding/Butterfly Catastrophe) CDr

    Keinviik "Apathy/Blank Tearful Cafard" compilation demo cassette

    Hvstmod "Eorðfæst" CDr black a5 cardboard



    Hvstmod "Eorðfæst" CDr 2nd Ed.

    Die Ernsthaftigkeit der Toten - "Die Ernsthaftigkeit der Toten" CDR

  • 本博客停止更新


  • Reissues...


    ËDÏËH's "In case the winds blow" and Borkr's "Amber" haue been re-released as digipack CD by Pest Producti0ns. www.pest666.com

    Webstore updated. 

  • New Releases 2013


    Part I of the coming ËDÏËH trilogy, titled Cosmogaia.

    New Hvstmod album, Karelia.

    Out somewhere between September and November.

  • This digipack cd reissued by Pest Producti0ns is now auailable here a+ SCHQ. Anyone who is interested in this edition can order it from SC's taobao shop.

  • ËDÏËH "In case the winds blow" Jewelcase CDR with coloured artworks

    Finally out on this day of winter's beginning. This is an old album recorded back in late autumn of 2010. Long tracks of slow paced dark and doomy metal.

    Download it here

  • Borkr "Amber" (2012) Jewel Case CDr

    Old album recorded in summer 2011.

    The official release date is August 6, the last summer day of 2012 on the chinese calendar.

    You can order it now, though.

    MP3s (190k vbr): Depositfiles

  • Spring Songs is now re-released by Pest Producti0ns, on digipack CD limited to 500 copies. Here

    If you don't haue this work and still want to buy a copy, this new edition is recommended!

  • New Releases 2012


    Finally, the first official Borkr album, Amber, is to be released somewhere in July. 

    The new ËDÏËH album, In case the winds blow, is to be released this autumn. This is actually  an old album finished in autumn 2010. Somethinq very different can be found in this album. Stay tuned!

  • New Equipments!


    Recently The Fantom Playground had a huge change of studio gears. Still not the very best ones but definitely better. Though this is not going to be reflected in several of the upcoming albums in some, say, maybe 2 years since I already have a lot of recordings finished before this waiting in the drawer.

    maybe two new albums for this year but I'm not sure yet. currently focusing on recording, not publishing.

  • Happy Halloween!!!


    Happy Halloween!!!

    Here I've got cold mist and brown leafes and pumpkins and candles...

    Tonight we shall celebrate!


  • Finally, ËDÏËH 's twin albums "To Withdraw And Withstand ".


    These two albums were recorded in summer of 2010. They had been sleeping in the drawer for more than a year. These two separate albums can be viewed also as a whole, being recorded in one session.

    Two full length albums of black "hybrid" metal with some traditional heawy/thrash/doom flawours and melodic parts in a pure metal way - no synth no acoustic guitars and noisy from head to toe. Long songs and awful production which may mislead you as an image of cult.

    CDr in standard jewel case with 4-panel coloured booklet featuring exclusive artworks of ËDÏËH.

    Download the Instrumental Track that closing the 2nd album for pre1istening

    "Sparks of the Fallen Ones" (7:41)

    Download 2 album together (LO-FI mp3 files,)


  • The SC office has sold some old equipments and brought in some new ones and this has run out all SCHQ had. So unfortunately the whole releasing/re-releasing plan has to be postponed...

    Hope they deserve the wait, though.

    Some personal collection of chinese underground stuffs are for sale now, including some foreign titles too. Check the webstore and remember you can always bargain at some range...

  • 5 reissues


    5 reissues out now. cdr in handmade paper package.

  • Re-issues...


    The following year will see the reprints of some ËDÏËH titles...

    The plan is to reissue all sold-out full length albums of ËDÏËH - though not all together.

    This will take time but if you do care, you wait with patience...

    Enjoy Winter - the precious Coldness

  • Happy Halloween!

    "A windows ajar, eye of god watching afar" is re-released now.

    All hand made hard paper edition/Remastered/Special textured paper package (size of a digipack) with six photos of pictures and lyrics

  • So, Early Happy-Halloween for those who care..

    To celebrate this autumn we are planning to bring back ËDÏËH's A window ajar, eye of god watching afar to a resurrection... We hawe some oversized photos originally planned for the 1st editi0n so it's possible to do a new edition for this overwhelming season...  though we cannot manage to re-release it before Halloween... Check updates later!

    Still no new materials for this seas0n. SI has recorded some tracks but they are for the next Halloween... and please wait for the ËDÏËH twin albums scheduled for 2011.

  • ËDÏËH "Spring Songs" Album 2010

    Brandnew acoustic album. This is the beautiful side of ËDÏËH never fully revealed before.

    Again, it features lots of improvised parts.

    Handmade green cardboard package.

    Download (lo-fi mp3):

    Rapidspread (Rapidshare, Megaupload, Zshare, Uploadto etc..)


    Hvstmod "Starvine" 2010

    collecti0ns of 3 long tracks 2008-2009. hypnotic and ritualistic as ever.

    Handmade green cardboard package

    Rapidspread (Rapidshare, Megaupload, Zshare, Uploadto etc..)


  • This brandnew album will be released under the banner of Ghostdom Records.

    This is about Faith and Devotion towards a certain personalized Ideology of Nature from the Murderous South.

    All tracks here were roughly recorded on one same drum track. This says the Devotion best.

  • Hvstmod "Starvine"


    3 tracks of hypnotic soundscapes for spring dawn. old tracks from '08/'09

    awailable within March, 2010

    wait for cdrs in handmade green textured packages. download link soon.

  • future releases


    Hvstmod "Starvine"

    ËDÏËH "Nothing demystifies my Devotion" Raw Melodic Black Metal 2010

    ËDÏËH tba acoustic album 2010

  • Nothing Demystifies My Devotion has been done since the beginning of 2010. Still not sure when it will be awailable. No more details for the moment...

    Now another full-length album is almost done, which is a collection of pure acoustic non-metal work to sing the Spring theme. Again this is a largely improvised album. This may be by far the most tranquil release you know within the awailable ËDÏËH release 1ine, not very dark but, maybe, with mild sadness and nostalgia and more in the same approach of Abandounen, the first ËDÏËH work.

    Now the Goddess is back, time to let my sparrows fly...


  • ËDÏËH took part in Black Battle Corps II (released by Ghostdom Rec, winter '09) with the demo version of the song The Quest for North (is a Waste of Time) where ËDÏËH's side project Briertag was also included with an improvised song Drenched in Solitude.

    ËDÏËH's new album already done. Out early 2010.

  • See it here.

  • this is re-released on tape by Maltkross.

    you can buy a copy of this thru Svartgalgh Records, a Netherlands mailorder.

    now you can also buy it thru Hexenreich Records, an Estonia label/mailorder.

    Sabbath Fire, a French label..

    Resistancia Underground, also French.

    or buy from French band SOVEREIGN (forbeus1@hotmail.fr)

    and Mexico label Satanic Rec (satanicrecords@yahoo.com)

    French label CANTUS LEPARE REC cdl666@hotmail.fr

    or http://www.myspace.com/hassweg

    French NUCLEAR THRASH  www.myspace.com/nuclearthrashprod

    Russian KETHER CROWN REC  http://www.kethercrown.nightmail.ru

    Russian DESOLATION PROD http://desolationproducti0n.narod.ru/

    WINTER SOLACE REC, USA http://www.wintersolaceproducti0ns.com/

    Greek METAL THRONE REC http://metalthroneproducti0ns.webs.com/

    Spainish NIGRA MORS REC http://nigramors.blogaliza.org/

  • The ËDÏËH demo supposed for a 2009/2010 release is now cancelled for another full-length album (2010).

    Most of the songs have been recorded and still there are some interesting materials left unused. Maybe in the future you can expect a demo too or ËDÏËH will save them for one more album(!).

    You can wait for a primitive yet melodic album (black metal, of course!) or just ignore this blah-blah-blah...

    ËDÏËH takes this chance to announce:

    ËDÏËH is never supposed to be a pure black metal group.

    ËDÏËH's works is ONLY about Nature. and a straight fuck goes to satanism/racism and beers & monkeyshows. No reference to suicidal contexts! if you think (triumphantly, maybe?) that you've find some of these things in ËDÏËH, go give yourself more thoughts.

    ËDÏËH plays no "naturalistic black metal" (interpret this yourself).

    ËDÏËH is fucked up by any ideas such as "is ËDÏËH's work naturalistic black metal or raw black metal?" think yourself: does NBM interfere with RBM? and, what the fuck those terms such as NBM and RBM are?

    No urban/modern touch is supposed to be found here in ËDÏËH/Sparrow Cross. If you think with stupid happiness that you've find some, you are interpreting things with your own disgusting happy modern thoughts.

    Sorry for some harsh words here. And, we take advantage of modernity (internet, happy & social) for a faster disaggregation of modernity. This may be proved useless, but sometimes you still want to dream, don't you?

  • this is a brand new ËDÏËH work for this autumn (maybe a little too late now but who cares)

    completely different new path here: acoustic guitars, haunting atmosphere, electric guitar solos, ethereal voice, improvised keyboards...

    jewel case edition. handpasted 4 photos with exclusive artworks from ËDÏËH. textured paper cover.






  • Handmade booklet (pumpkin red paper with hand pasted real photo). 18RMB

    the original editi0n still awailable.



  • We have to announce that SI2 is now SOLD-OUT. We have to sell all we have to cover the costs for sake of future releases. Unfortunately, now there's a lack of the special paper used to make this record and we may forced to drop this edition...

    All friends that have requested this without payment have to wait for a second edition or simply omit this one...

  • The first edition (2008) of this one has coloured artworks on translucent paper. It costs much so it got cancelled for the CDr edition (2009). Now, one year later, it's decided that there's going to be a brand new tape edition, which is the best format for such a kind of release. This debut of DEDT was meant to be two 30-minute long tracks to fit the two side of a cassette tape. Now here it is - grey textured paper with brand new artworks. completely designed/hand printed & packaged by DEDT.

    you can order this from us (12RMB) or download this here (cdr edition):


    (this is not uploaded by us).