• Brief News


    There's going to be a 2nd tape edition of Die Ernsthaftigkeit der Toten. That's because the significance behind D.E.D.T. is really treasured by us.

    to those who already have the CDr edition: maybe you can try it once more wrapped in the coming wintermood. do find a desolated place to listen to this.

    ËDÏËH new album will be out in end of November 2009 or, hell maybe, December.

    and ËDÏËH is now working a new black metal work. really primitive one this time.

  • Sparrow Index 2


    Most parts are completely improvised. Though more instruments this time.

    CDR with homemade package. 20RMB

    Order this directly from us: weiland_1214@yahoo.com.cn


    RapidSpread (rapidshare, megaupload, zshare etc)http://www.rapidspread.com/file.jsp?id=v1rorxomte

    Rayfile http://www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/files/3cc39242-ce9a-11de-b6be-0014221b798a/

  • Halloween '09


    inside SCHQ there was a jacko'lantern glowing the ha/ollowed night thru.

    jacky survived another several days and yesterday night it was found rotting.

    so I had to kill our jacky out in the thick night fog on a bed of dead leaves under a tree.

    hell, it was blazing for four or five minutes before it finally ceased to live...

  • Sparrow Index 2


    This is going to be out VERY SOON. (within the next week).

    CDr in handmade special textured dark-green cardboard package with exclusive artworks and handmade bookmarks.

  • ËDÏËH "Vortex of Majesty" re-released now by a tiny french label Maltkross Productions as cassette tape limited to 100 numbered copies with pro printed cover. This edition is for distributions abroad and may not be easy to get here in CN. So this is only an announcement about how far one of our bird had managed to fly.

  • Brief News here


    This Autumn/Winter shall witness:

    Sparrow Index II: "Things That Fear Oblivion Most" album 2009 (again mostly improvised recordings, this time more complicated with additional instruments but still rough and natural!)

    ËDÏËH "A Window Ajar, Eye of God Watching Afar" album 2009 (Most instrumental with occasionally some clean vocals, and non-metal).

    Still, we continue delaying Borkr's rehearsal album. (a lot of reasons indeed)

    Hope everything will be fine as planned.

    Wait for hand packaged discs or at least, free downloading links.