• New ËDÏËH album 2010



    The ËDÏËH demo supposed for a 2009/2010 release is now cancelled for another full-length album (2010).

    Most of the songs have been recorded and still there are some interesting materials left unused. Maybe in the future you can expect a demo too or ËDÏËH will save them for one more album(!).

    You can wait for a primitive yet melodic album (black metal, of course!) or just ignore this blah-blah-blah...

    ËDÏËH takes this chance to announce:

    ËDÏËH is never supposed to be a pure black metal group.

    ËDÏËH's works is ONLY about Nature. and a straight fuck goes to satanism/racism and beers & monkeyshows. No reference to suicidal contexts! if you think (triumphantly, maybe?) that you've find some of these things in ËDÏËH, go give yourself more thoughts.

    ËDÏËH plays no "naturalistic black metal" (interpret this yourself).

    ËDÏËH is fucked up by any ideas such as "is ËDÏËH's work naturalistic black metal or raw black metal?" think yourself: does NBM interfere with RBM? and, what the fuck those terms such as NBM and RBM are?

    No urban/modern touch is supposed to be found here in ËDÏËH/Sparrow Cross. If you think with stupid happiness that you've find some, you are interpreting things with your own disgusting happy modern thoughts.

    Sorry for some harsh words here. And, we take advantage of modernity (internet, happy & social) for a faster disaggregation of modernity. This may be proved useless, but sometimes you still want to dream, don't you?